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2000 Toyota Celica Wheel Specs

Wheel Specs

Lug Nut Size - M12 x 1.5

Buy Lug Nuts on amazon. When measuring your lug nut sizes, you'll need to pay attention to two separate numbers. The first number indicates the diameter of the stud, and for metric-sized nuts this is measured in millimeters between threads.

Standard lug nuts are denoted by a second number which expresses thread pitch in terms of how many threads per inch there are on that particular nut or bolt. As an example, a 12mmx1.25 sized lug nut will have both 12mm diameter as well as 1.25 mm thread pitch!

Lug Nuts

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Bolt Pattern - 5x100

The bolt pattern (PCD) is essential for wheel fitment because it determines the compatibility of the aftermarket rims with the car's hub.

The number of lug holes on the wheel should match the number of studs on the hub, and the distance between the holes should be identical. Change your vehicle's bolt pattern by installing wheel adapters to match the lug scheme of the wheels that are to be installed.

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Hub Bore Size - 54.1 mm

Find cool-looking Center Caps on Amazon. What is the center bore of a car wheel? The hole at its middle that meets with a hub. A new set of rims must have exactly the same dimension to fit properly on your vehicle. Otherwise, you may soon lose your wheels while turning corners!

Center Caps

What are the wheel dimensions of a Toyota Celica?

Do you want your 2000 Toyota Celica to look outstanding and classy with a brand new set of wheels? Kindly don't waste your time and effort on research, as from now our committed company will share everything you need to understand about switching wheels. And let's begin with the basic wheel characteristics: diameter, width, center hole, and bolt fitment.The first feature of the wheel is metered without a tiresport and usually falls between 14 and 19 ". The larger sizes belong to sport autos, sports utility vehicles, and lorries. Anybody can find the data about the rim size in the very owner's guide or in the charts below.

The tire size of any 2000 Toyota Celica is based on the wheel width, and knowing this fact, you are able to make a choice from various tire features. The center hole of the new wheel determines its fitting to your personal auto. When the new hole is bigger than the original one, then a spigot ring might help. Still if new wheel's hole is smaller, it won't work for your personal model. The main wheel characteristics to take into consideration are bolt patterns and wheel offset. In case the quantity of bolts and the distances between them doesn't coincide with those of your wheel, this sort of items won't fit your 2000 Toyota Celica.


Sometimes automobile manufacturers make the same model vehicle in more than one factory location. We have seen cases where vehicles made in different factories use different wheel and tire combinations or attachment hardware.

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