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Who we are

Our objective is to assist cars and truck fans to learn about the very best wheels.

We're an advisory online resource that aims to support you while discovering the proper wheels for your automobile. We are promptly ending up being a high-authority internet site.

Our info is powered by half a century of experience in the sector of the wheel mixed with the robust rating resources out there.

What is the Purpose of the Website

Is it time for a brand-new collection of wheels? Did your previous pick not measure up to your needs? Are you looking out for wheels that are longer-lasting, or execute greater in the rain, on ice, or under other types of circumstances? Do you need a cheaper choice?

We have curated a huge listing of testimonials as well as analyses to assist you to find the most suitable products for your needs.

We invest tons of time examining the web for relevant information regarding wheels, gathering information, and also matching up them methodically so you do not have to. That's our objective as fellow truck fanatics.

Incidentally, we do not promote anything, so you may believe us.

Why trust us

We are devoted to providing an excellent solution. We have years of experience in the wheels market as well as assisting users similar to you in making excellent conclusions.

Wheels are amongst probably the most important and also regularly ignored acquisitions made by automobile owners. For virtually every car driver, buying wheels may be a minefield of confusion and also irritation. With numerous famous dealers and brand names on the market, it's very easy to see why.

It could take you a long period to examine each version, which is why we have done it for you. The purpose of our site is to make your decision less complicated by offering all the details you need in one place.

Our material is written in a straightforward and concise matter without the use of technological slang, which may be tough to understand. We provide you with an introduction to the wheels as well as all important info, including strong sides and also weak sides, in a matter of seconds.

According to industry studies, more than just 60% of wheel transactions are made online. Our site, which includes thousands of items, is supported by an extensive fitment database.

The neutral Score method helps drivers to select wheels based upon efficiency instead of pricing.

Code of Conduct

Every post we put on our website is based upon a variety of requirements, exhaustive research, and other car owners' assessments.

Afterward, we combine all of this information to give you a complete evaluation of what to prepare for.

We are not affiliated with any kind of maker. From our personnel, you might anticipate honest and also honest assessments.

Essentially, if an automobile component isn't able, we'll allow you to find out about it. All of our referrals are objective and forever will certainly be.

The procedure of composing thorough overviews may be time-consuming. We begin by learning about the model and also numerous interviews.

We provide a complete going-over for each post, make any needed alterations, and after that post on the web.

It's a challenging chore to examine wheels since we can't always put them to check. As a consequence, we must run through the web as well as collect information from suppliers, discussion forums, and other sources before incorporating it into one easy-to-understand body of knowledge. We select goods that are prominent among vehicle enthusiasts.

Our publishers are all auto fanatics that drive a variety of automobiles. The people we have chosen to help us are passionate about writing as well as searching the net for information.

How I All Began

Wheels have been in the heart of our family for practically three generations. All of it began with my grandfather, who launched a thriving roadside business. He was crazy about the wheels market. It was no surprise that it prospered. The consumers were returning.

That being said, our site was influenced by my grandfather.

Meet the Founder

Our "band" is composed of car fans that take pleasure in driving on the open freeway.

Kevin Hampton

For a decade, I have been employed as the specialist at services selling wheels.

Starting from 2008, I have been the ASE Master Service technician. Nowadays, I'm usually retired, although I join various projects occasionally. To keep myself engaged with the latest market developments, I decided to develop my side project.

I was determined to give away a wide range of useful guides!
I used to drive nearly 10 000 miles each year commuting to customers before ending up being an ex-salesman.

To be sincere, I have tested many wheels in these days.

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